Important - End of Life for AwareManager (Stadium Customers)

Paul Schneider

March 18, 2024

Dear valued AwareManager users,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that AwareManager will be sunsetting its property operations application and, therefore, JLL Technologies (“JLLT”) will no longer be providing support for AwareManager.  Consequently, all stadium clients must migrate off of AwareManager by December 31, 2024, and we are writing to propose a transition path for our stadium clients.  

JLLT is an authorized reseller of the VenueAware application, which is specifically engineered and optimized for stadium operations.  Many AwareManager stadiums have already moved to VenueAware, and we coordinate closely with them to ensure smooth migrations.  

Your contractual relationship will remain with JLLT; however, any AwareManager products on the license will change from AwareManager to the corresponding VenueAware components. 

For questions, please contact Megan Libbey ( at VenueAware.

Best regards,

The JLL Technologies and Building Engines Team


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