AwareManager End-Of-Life FAQs

Paul Schneider

March 18, 2024

Q: When will AwareManager be sunset?

A: The AwareManager product will be officially discontinued and no longer available to access following December 31, 2024. 

Q: Why is AwareManager being discontinued?

A: AwareManager is being discontinued to focus on JLL’s flagship property management platform, Prism by Building Engines. JLL Technologies (JLLT) has made significant investments in Prism’s development, and the best features of AwareManager have been built into the Prism platform.

We’ve also been hard at work bolstering Prism with the best features of our other Building Engines products, including our ‘Classic’ platform as well as Ravti, LogCheck and Synlio (all acquisitions made by Building Engines and JLLT over the past 4 years). With these enhancements and more, we are confident Prism is the best property management and operations platform on the market today.

Q: I’m not familiar with Prism. What is it?

A: Prism is JLL Technologies’ next-gen platform for commercial property management and performance. It includes a variety of modules and integrations for best-in-class operations, including work order management, tenant experience, risk management, maintenance, compliance, inspections, vendor management, sustainability and more. Prism connects all your users (tenants, property managers, accountants, security, vendors and engineers) seamlessly together to manage your properties and portfolio.

You can learn more about Prism (and even take a self-guided tour of the platform) by visiting

Q: What are some of the benefits of Prism over AwareManager? 

A: There are numerous advantages to Prism, but some of the main benefits include:

  • Prism has been built from the ground up on the latest and best-in-class infrastructure and security. It scales automatically, has the highest levels of security and monitoring, and has been developed as a fully geographically redundant disaster recovery fail over system.
  • Prism was built to enable multiple property management service teams across your portfolio, keeping their data separate so you can compare and contrast the performance of these teams. 
  • The Prism platform is built API first, meaning that you can easily integrate with other technologies your business uses. As an added benefit, we’ve already built many deep two-way integrations with many of the best prop-tech systems in the industry. This includes tenant experience (TenX) platforms like HqO; accounting systems like Yardi and MRI; access control systems like OpenPath and SwiftConnect; and COI/risk management systems like Jones, with many more to come.
  • JLLT is investing in the Prism platform at scale.

Q: How can I see a demo of Prism?

A: We’d be happy to give you a personalized walkthrough of the Prism platform! Contact your account executive or email to request a demo.

Q: Can I still use AwareManager until the sunset date?

A: Yes, AwareManager will continue to be available through December 31, 2024.

Q: What are my next steps with this transition?

A: JLL Technologies (JLLT) and Building Engines team members will be reaching out directly to discuss your transition path to Prism.  

Q: Can I email someone at JLLT/Building Engines concerning this sunset process or to ask more questions?

A: Yes, please reach out to your Account Executive or email

Q: Will any further AwareManager development be done?

A: We will continue to fix bugs and conduct maintenance, when necessary, through November 15, 2024.

Q: Is the sunset date of December 31, 2024 firm?

A: Yes, this is a firm date. 

Q: Will you be providing support through the end-of-life date?

A: Yes, we will continue to provide support services to our existing customers through our Support Portal as we always have. However, we will be limiting professional services, including configuration, integration, and product training.

Q: Will we receive a copy of all the data that is stored within the AwareManager JXT?

A: Yes, we will provide you with full Excel exports of your data from AwareManager.





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