Building Engines Update: AwareManager JXT and the Retirement of Internet Explorer

Paul Schneider


We wanted to provide our customers with an update relating to the announcement that Microsoft has made with regards to its support and end of life of Internet Explorer and how that impacts the use of AwareManager JXT.  

"Starting on June 15, 2022, Microsoft will no longer support the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application on certain version of Windows 10*.  Customers will be encouraged to move to Microsoft Edge, which provides support for legacy and modern websites and apps." Official information relating to Microsoft's announcement can be found here.

The Microsoft Edge team has also published an article, which can be found here, stating that "IE mode in Microsoft Edge is supported through at least 2029, giving you an eight-year runway to modernize those legacy apps to meet today’s standards."

AwareManager JXT users will continue to have two options to access the database; launching the program through a browser via Microsoft Edge and/or installing a local installation of the database.  Instructions on on how to navigate through each process are outlined below.


Launching AwareManager from Microsoft Edge

1. Start Microsoft Edge on your PC.


2. Click on the *** menu icon in the top right.




3. Choose the Settings option from the menu.




4. Once in Settings, navigate and select Default browser.




5. Under Internet Explorer compatibility, navigate to Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode




6. Select the dropdown where Default is selected and change that option to Allow.  After selecting Allow, click the Restart button.




7. Once you select Restart, it will force the browser closed and then it will reopen.  Upon it reopening, navigate to your specific AwareManager JXT URL.  Your screen should like what's displayed below.




8. Before selecting Launch AwareManager, navigate to the *** menu icon in the top right.  From there, select Reload in Internet Explorer mode.




9. Once you select Reload in Internet Explorer mode, then select Launch AwareManager.  Upon doing so, the following window will appear.  



10. Toggle on Open this page in Internet Explorer mode next time, then select Done.




11. Your AwareManager instance will then open as expected and you'll be able to access the application.


Installing AwareManager as a Local Installation

For Windows:

  • Select the file attachment below named AwareManager JXT Universal Installer - Windows.pdf.

For Macs:

  • Select the file attachment below named AwareManager JXT Universal Installer - Mac.pdf.




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